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medium goldendoodles

ellie chai.jpg

Ellie- Small Standard AKC registered red Poodle 40lbs

Cooper- Mini Goldendoodle 30lbs

Puppies will be F1bb goldendoodles

1. Merchant Family- Teal girl

2. Wilson Family- blue boy

3. Burns Family-Orange boy

4. Nault family-White girl

5. Johnson Family-purple girl

6. Kochanowski Family-green boy

7. Sampson Family-yellow boy

8. Stefanski Family (pink girl)


Red, Dark Red

cooper haircut.jpg

the girls


the boys

C92349CC-AA93-40AA-9890-43E6A7989B3C 2.J

** All pups are sold with a strict spay and neuter contract

Breeder Comments: Ellie is the newest addition! We have been blessed with the opportunity to introduce Ellie into our family/breeding program. She comes from a champion bloodline of AKC Standard Poodles and a well known accredited breeder in Montana of elite status. We wanted to add a little more curl into our goldendoodle litters and darker red coloring like Cooper. Im so excited for her litter!! For those who are concerned about not wanting a puppy with a poodle coat, I cannot guarantee that but I will mention, Cooper carries a straighter haired coat and mixed with Ellie we are hoping for some waivier doodle coats unlike the tight poodle curls.

the boys

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