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Goldendoodles vs. Bernedoodles

A goldendoodle is cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. A bernedoodle is a cross between a bernese mountain dog and a poodle

stella bernedoodle.jpg


My Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles will have the same wavy coat textures resembling the "teddy bear" look. We carefully breed each litter to produce this look. 

Color Variation

Our goldendoodles you can expect colors of red, apricot, parti, chocolate, and silver.

Our Bernedoodles will have colors in Tri-color phantom or merle.


Our goldendoodles can range between $3500-$4000 depending on each litter. Our bernedoodles can range between $4500-$5000 each. Alot goes into breeding healthy bernedoodles. You can expect to pay between $5000-$6000 from a reputable breeder. Below is a list of pricing of other reputable Bernedoodle breeders that also offer health guarentees and health testing this is not including shipping to Alaska which can also range between $500-$600


Goldendoodles are loving, friendly, and highly intelligent companions. 

Bernedoodles are docile, relaxed, loving companions.

Both breeds are loyal velcro-dogs. They look at you and you can tell they love you to your soul. Since these dogs can be very in-tune with their owners feelings they make excellent therapy dogs for people with PTSD or Anxiety are amazing with children. My personal opinion on temperament for each breed, I feel that my goldendoodles are excited for adventure, they love the outdoors and can hike for miles. My bernedoodles are such gentle giants even our minis. They are the ultimate cuddlers and have a much more mellow temperament. Nothing seems to phase them. My bernedoodles aren't as driven to retrieve objects.

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Pictures of our Bernedoodles

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