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Our Family Reviews

moeller family.jpg

Moeller Family

Oakley from Marley and Cooper

Chelsea is the most amazing, communicative, loving breeder I could have ever hoped for. Not only was she sending us daily updates and videos of our puppy, but she also became a friend!My husband and I were unable to visit the puppies until right before we picked ours out, so she sent me tons of photos, videos and observations about all of their personalities to help ease the process! She truly treated each one of the pups like it was her own, and it was so comforting knowing that our puppy was spending the first 8 weeks of his life in such a caring and nurturing home! She’s such a superstar that she even started crate training and potty training the puppies before we picked them up! I absolutely recommend DelaDoodles to everyone and can’t thank her enough for everything she did for our little guy!

lilian ho.jpg

Lilian Ho

Roma from Marley and Cooper

Dela Doodles and Chelsea have my highest recommendation. Not only will you be getting an incredible dog, but a first class experience and a wonderful community. If you are considering a new puppy for your home, her’s are the best and you should submit your application now.

Here’s my experience: I started the search for the perfect dog for many years before I found Dela Doodles. I considered all the different doodle mix options and researched countless breeders across the nation. When I settled on a mini-medium goldendoodle for its temperament, size, intelligence, coat and sheer adorableness, I could not believe it when I learned there was a top-rated doodle breeder right in my backyard (literally)! After reading countless positive reviews, learning about the experience through the Dela Doodle Facebook community, there was little hesitation this was the right fit and I submitted an application just hoping mine would be chosen. I felt like I won the lottery to have been able to adopt Roma (formerly “purple”) from Marley’s final litter. I felt involved prior to her conception.
I don’t know of any breeder that sends regular updates before birth, 6 week Ultrasound videos, daily updates, photos and videos right at birth until they come home. She even set up a webcam so I could watch my Roma grow and develop until getting to take her home.
Chelsea makes you feel like you’re part of her family and I feel a similar connection to the Dela Doodle community for support. Roma is thriving at my home, picking up new commands and routines even before I anticipated. Hands down best decision I’ve made and I am so grateful, proud and honored to be an owner of a Dela Doodle!

benson family.jpg

The Benson Family

Homer from Noodle and Sir Bacon

When we lost our Labrador of 10 years, our hearts were torn into a million pieces. We immediately missed the presence of “a man’s best friend” relationship. We also knew we wanted our kids to grow up knowing how to raise a dog from beginning of the puppy stage. And this time we wanted something different...another breed, that loves the presence of children, loving, loyal and full of energy. I’ve always wanted a goldendoodle but didn’t think we’d find a breeder in Alaska. After endless amount of time spent searching for the perfect goldendoodle breeder, I found DelaDoodle! The best part was I learned she is local, in Anchorage! At the first initial contact, I knew she was the one! After my 1st conversation with Chelsea, I showed my husband and kids the pictures and videos posted on the DelaDoodle Facebook page, Instagram and website they immediately fell in love! Chelsea goes beyond and above. The entire process of getting a DelaDoodle is totally worth the wait! Chelsea and her Doodles are ROCKSTARS! Not only are you getting a goldendoodle from the best breeder out there, you are gaining a DelaDoodle family


Guttierez Family

Coco from Coconut and Bacon

My husband was looking for a dog to join our family for sometime and as he was searching we came across several breeders but became intrigued with dela doodles specifically because of reading her reviews and the personal contact that we received from Chelsea with dela doodles - Chelsea is very personable and very passionate about finding her pups good homes.
When I first connected with dela doodles I had a ton of questions - Chelsea connected us with other doodle families to offer support and answer questions that we had. We immediately knew that we wanted a pup that was raised by dela doodles.
Chelsea kept us informed, engaged, and involved throughout the pregnancy, we especially enjoyed the personal contact and updates on moms pregnancy along with the photos of X-rays and videos adding so much anticipation and excitement to our family ❤️ Chelsea is very passionate about her pups and goes above and beyond ensuring they are well taken care of.
Once the pups are born they are well taken care of by Chelsea and her family with love, nurturing, and daily interaction and we received videos or photos almost daily.
When the pups turn 4 weeks Chelsea invites you into her home to meet your new pup ❤️ she will also welcome you to plan another visit before you bring your pup home.
We had a wonderful experience with dela doodles. Our family is grateful and blessed to have connected with dela doodles and the other doodle families from the start - Chelsea has made us feel comfortable with the amount of support she has provided and continues to provide for us as we now have our Coco home with us. The day we picked up Coco to bring her home, Chelsea said, “this isn’t goodbye”
Chelsea continues to be a part of our family and has created a doodle community to offer support amongst doodle families and this says a lot about her passion for raising doodles and staying connected.
Bringing Coco into our family was a breeze as a result of the loving care she received from dela doodles since the day she was born. “

nault family.jpg

Nault Family

Mei Mei

We knew we were ready for our first family dog, hoping for one who could fit in with the excitement in a household with two young boys. We were familiar with doodles and their family friendly nature, and knew this was the breed for us! After googling breeders in Alaska, Dela Doodles stood out. We immediately fell in love with the beautiful Dela Doodle dogs. The fact that these dogs were cared for and raised by a young family was a huge draw. With the approval of our application we became part of the ever-growing Dela Doodle family; we felt instantly welcome. The online community of present and future owners is wonderful—we received frequent updates on our future puppy and her siblings and parents. The discussion groups are a superb source of information and support. We have have had our little girl for 4 days, and she is amazing! Truly a great dog with signs of love and early training evident. Our family is finally complete. Words cannot express how happy and grateful we are—thank you, Dela Doodles

merchant family.jpg

Merchant Family

Chilee from Ellie and Cooper

Our family had been doing a lot of research on the type of dog we wanted to add to our family and we came across Chelsea with DelaDoodles. From the moment I reached out to her she was so welcoming, informative and you could tell that her pups are her babies. I asked LOTS of questions at all sorts of times and she was more than willing to stop and talk with me about anything to do with the GoldenDoodle breed and her pups. She has been amazing to have as a partner in this process, she guides you every step of the way. From the moment Mama Ellie was in labor up until the moment we brought home our baby, she sent videos, pictures, tells you fun things the puppies are doing, what their characteristics are and their milestones. You can tell the moment you are on the list for one her pups that you are now family. We have been so blessed and lucky to have her family to work with and raise our new baby. “


Sturgeon Family

Cooper from Marley and Rusty

Our family has been wanting a golden doodle for about ten years. When our previous elderly dog passed away we took some time to wait until we were ready for a puppy. We were introduced to Courtney Family Doodles via Facebook and I knew immediately the stars had aligned! Their Marley was pregnant and the pups were would go home on my birthday - but sadly they were all reserved. : ( And then surprisingly, a couple of weeks later, I saw that one male was now available! We immediately applied, were accepted, and went to meet him a couple of days later. Cooper has completely filled the whole in hearts left by our previous dog's passing. We love him so much - he is just the sweetest dog! Working with Chelsea has been amazing. She's kept us informed every step of the way, been so supportive and really created an extended pet family. We are truly blessed!

davis family_edited.jpg

Davis Family

Millie from Marley & Rusty

Chelsea has been amazing from day one! She kept us updated throughout Marley's whole pregnancy! We got to meet with the puppies every weekend and really got to watch them grow either through the daily facebook videos or by the weekend visits. She really put a lot of love and work into these puppies and it shows! Our orange girl (Millie) came home and has had very few accidents due to the litter box training and it has been the easiest transition I have ever seen for a puppy coming home. She was used to my crazy kids already and ready to play! Chelsea has also been there with us every step of the way if we have any questions or if we just want to talk about puppies (because we have already exhausted our family haha) We will definitely be getting another doodle from Coartney Family Doodles again!

schnoes family.jpg

Schnoes Family

Dax from Marley and Cooper

After quite some time, our family was ready for having pets again and we ultimately decided on a puppy. We had our hearts set on a Goldendoodle due to their allergy friendly nature. An opportunity to get one from a breeder out-of-state fell through and we were saddened. We checked locally and found #akdeladoodles on-line. Chelsea was quick to respond and work with us. Being in AK and having good communication was appealing. She and her family also made time and opened up her home which made transitioning to first-time puppy owners very easy. We were so comfortable with #akdeladoodles, instead of one puppy coming home, we decided on having two!!!

mcdonald family.jpg

Mcdonald Family

Pascal from Marley and Cooper

After growing up with golden retrievers my whole life, I wanted another one so bad! Sadly, my daughter and I are both allergic to dogs now and it wasn’t possible. After talking with friends, I learned about Goldendoodles and it was love at first sight! Chelsea is an amazing breeder! From day 1, the puppies are socialized with her family and children so they are ready for the family lifestyle when they come home! I really do feel like I’m part of a doodle family! “


Iacob family

Baxter from Marley and Cooper

“Back in late March my husband and I went on a weekend getaway to Valdez, we took the fairy back to Whittier and drove home from there. While we are on the ferry, my husband showed me the Coartney Family Doodle (DelaDoodle) Facebook page, he had started following it a week earlier after a coworker told him we should check out this breeder if we were serious about Goldendoodles (we had been toying with the idea of a doodle for a few months). I took him showing me the page as an okay to fill out an application to see if we would be a good fit! Chelsea called me the next day and as soon as we got the final approval from our landlord we were all in! Chelsea and her family have always kept us up to date on anything and everything that’s gone on-before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after the puppies were born we received daily updates! I’m so glad that we get to be apart of this great community for years to come and we look forward to the puppy play dates where our little guy can see him litter mates again! We are absolutely in love with our newest family member, thank you Chelsea for being the best there is!


Zellweger Family

Waffles from Noodle and Bacon

From the moment you turn in your application to picking up your puppy Chelsea @Dela Doodles keeps you informed all along the way. You become part of the Dela Doodle community and when your puppy arrives you begin an 8 week journey with all the puppy families waiting to bring their sweet baby home. Chelsea is always available to answer questions and the Dela Doodle community shares great advice, tips and fun family stories of their wonderful fur babies. Dela Doodles is the real deal! The love, care and sense of family your puppy receives from Chelsea, her family and her guardian family the Golightly's before you even bring them home is amazing. If you're considering a Goldendoodle know you have found a breeder who truly cares about the health and well-being of all her Dela Doodles. Thank you Chelsea for accepting us into the Dela Doodle family


Brooke Catherine

Lola from Nala and Gizmo

When the pandemic started I decided it might be time for us to finally add a fur baby to our family. It’s been 16 years since I last had a puppy, and since then we’ve added three little boys to our family. I wanted a dog that would be good with them. I started looking outside of Alaska for a golden doodle because they’re such a good family dog. Someone mentioned to me Dela Doodles in Anchorage. I looked them up and contacted Chelsea. I asked her questions and believe me there were a lot. I changed my mind a lot on which litter I wanted a baby from. Chelsea helped me pick and showed me Nala. Nala is adorable, and I was in love. Nala stayed with her Guardian Family to have her puppies, and the Golightly Family went above and beyond what I would consider normal communication. We got daily updates and videos. Chelsea helped me pick out my Lola when I was being indecisive. The whole experience was amazing. We’ve had Lola home a week now. They’ve been in constant communication to ensure things were going smoothly. Lola is the best thing ever. She is so laid back and sweet. She is extremely intelligent. Most importantly, my boys are her favorite people. The only problem is once you get a doodle home, you want all the doodles

meadows family.jpg

Meadows Family

Minnie from Marley and Cooper

We have been talking about a puppy for awhile and I fell in love with the idea of a doodle and training a service dog! That’s when we found the Della Doodles Family. We had high expectations in the puppy we wanted to bring home and train. Chelsea and her family made the puppy experience one of a kind! They made the process of bringing home our Minnie one of a kinda. We got to know our Minnie way before we ever brought her home with all the pictures and videos. Thank you for a one of a kind puppy experience like no other! Thank you to you and your family we are beyond grateful to be apart of the Della Doodle community

Hyce family.jpg

Hyce Family 

Sawyer from Marley and Cooper

Chelsea was incredible! Every step of the way! I’ve been talking to her for easily over a year waiting for the right time and the right litter! We haven’t had any dogs for many years. Our Family was finally ready to add a pup to our crew! Sawyer was the perfect choice for us! We are so happy and so thankful to find such an incredible breeder so close to home! She answers questions I have day and night and gives us all the knowledge we need to have to provide a healthy happy home for our little guy! Thank you Dela Doodles for our baby Sawyer! Love, The Hyce’s

sila family.jpg

Sila Family

Bear from Marley and Cooper

Our family was very hesitant about possibly getting another fur baby after losing our fur family member last year. After meeting another dela doodle through really good friends of ours, we instantly knew it was time. Upon reaching Chelsea, it was a match made in heaven. Everything felt so right. The communication made it so exciting until the day of and after! We are so lucky to have welcome our new baby Bear in our family! Thank you for completing us


Schacle Family

Kona from Coconut and Cooper

I started following Dela Doodles over a year ago and quickly realized THIS was a reputable breeder! After more researching, I knew this was the dog breed for me!! Not only are they the cutest pups ever, but their hypoallergenic coats and their temperament were the two main things I was looking for in a dog. After seeing a beautiful Dela Doodle with my very own eyes, when my neighbor brought one home, it was obvious a mini golden doodle was the perfect dog for my family! I FINALLY took the leap and reached out to Chelsea! She quickly responded....and not long after that, I found myself to be the luckiest person on the planet! I ended up on the list for “my” perfect litter, Coconut and Cooper 
. From the day the pups were born, until take home, we received daily messages, pictures, tons of short video clips, and access to a live puppy cam to watch the pups nursing, sleeping, and playing! Before even knowing which pup would be ours, we were in love! Chelsea did a wonderful job educating us on these pups and answering any questions promptly (no matter how crazy)! The doodle community she has built up is so great too! Being able to see and learn from other Dela Doodle families is priceless. Chelsea and her family love and care for these pups tremendously. Their health, care, and knowing these pups are going to loving homes is very important to her. These pups are also accustomed to the everyday hustle and bustle of a busy and active family with kids!! She remains very involved and truly loves her grandoodles forever! Chelsea and her family do the most amazing job of loving, spoiling, and working with the pups to be well socialized, kennel trained and even litter box trained! I still cannot believe how smart our little Kona is! She is so sweet, playful, and loves to snuggle. We could not be more in love with our Kona girl


Juliana Flamm

Luna from Coconut and Cooper

I don’t really know where to start. As a breeder, Chelsea went far above and beyond what I ever expected. Her knowledge and passion are evident in every word and she was so kind and helpful to answer all of my questions (and still is). Once the puppies were born, she constantly gave us pictures and videos as well as setting up a puppy cam. She thinks of everything and nothing is too small to do for us and our puppies. Her whole family is involved in raising the puppies and socializing, so they’re used to noise and children and they grow up curious rather than fearful. I especially appreciate Aaliyah, Chelsea’s oldest daughter, who worked hard alongside her mom to care for the puppies. From socializing them, to playing, and teaching them commands, she was incredibly responsible and dedicated. My Luna came home knowing her name, the command “come”, and how to roll over because of Aaliyah’s attention and love. 
Dela Doodles really is a wonderful community and I was encouraged so many times by the other Dela doodle owners. 
My girl, Luna, is more than I could ever have hoped and dreamed. Raising a puppy is never easy, but Chelsea makes it so much easier with the support system and care Luna and I received before and, now, after take home. I’ve dreamed of this puppy for a little over five years and she’s already more then I ever dreamed. 
Thank you Chelsea. Thank you Aaliyah. And thanks to the rest of your family and the Dela doodle community. 
Definitely a 20 out of 10 stars!”


Romine Family

Diggs from Coconut

When we started thinking about adding another dog to our growing family. We knew we wanted a golden doodle. After contacting a few breeders, we were immediately drawn to Dela Doodles. We have been in contact with Chelsea for over a year now. Just waiting for the right time. I have first hand seen her dedication in breeding healthy, loved, socialized dogs. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are part of the process. Sending daily pictures and videos so you never miss out from birth on! Diggs has already been the perfect addition to our family. Thank you Dela Doodle for everything. We love our little Dood! -The Romines Family

amanda lee.jpg

The Cook Family

Papaya from Coconut and Cooper

My fiancé and I had been wanting a goldendoodle for some time mainly for their temperament and low shedding since we already have a crazy husky on our hands. We were referred to Chelsea and the Deladoodles community by my sister-in-law who is friends with Chelsea. Chelsea is very passionate for her doodles and “granddoodles” and their well being. She is very careful and cautious about finding them the right home and has a long wait list for a reason. Chelsea is extremely knowledgeable and quick to answer any questions. Not only is she great with communication, but her attention to detail is very comforting and reassuring. Getting a new pup is very exciting but can also be very stressful and scary. From before the pups are even born to after take home, she is with you every step of the way and will make sure you are ready and set up for take home. She sent our group numerous photos, videos, and set up live stream camera throughout keeping everyone involved. Also, group chatting with all of the other families in our litter just made it feel like we were all in this new journey together. We really love the community aspect of the Deladoodles. Everyone is super helpful and has tons of great info and tips. Not to mention her amazing family who helps to raise the pups with constant love and attention. Chelsea and the Deladoodles continues to be a part of our family and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their family by a cute furry teddy bear faced paw baby. Thank you for all you do and welcoming us into the amazing DelaDoodle community you’ve built!
Ethan, Amanda, Baya, and our sweet Papaya

nikki and kathi.jpg

Nikki & Kathi

Blu & Peach from Marley & Cooper

We had been on the search for the “perfect” dog for a long time before we came across Dela Doodles. We finally decided on golden doodles for their temperament, the fact that they are low to no shedding, and their cuteness (duh)! We looked into several breeders, but when we came across Chelsea we knew we wanted to be a part of the Dela Doodle family! Chelsea has been a wonderful source of information and comfort, always providing updates and pictures along the way. She is quick to answer any questions and is very knowledgeable. We love the fact that the puppies are raised in her home with her four kids and all the noises that go along with that! The puppies are very calm and not easily startled! We were a little nervous to get two puppies but Chelsea gave us tips, and Peach and Blu are thriving! We would highly recommend Dela Doodles to anyone looking for a puppy and look forward to continuing our relationship with the entire Dela Doodle family!

fenderson family.jpg

Fenderson Family

Fozzie & Quincy 

We were looking for a dog who would complete our family. We already have a toy sized, older dog who is a rescue. We were really hoping for a second dog who fit our lifestyle and would get along well with our older bossy dog. We felt like there were too many variables with a rescue, so we made a list of our desirable traits in our ideal dog...outdoor friendly, not too big or too small, people loving, easy to train, hypoallergenic and low shedding, and a gentle and loving disposition towards other dogs. Sounds too good to be true right?
Lucky for us, we were introduced to Chelsea of Dela Doodles, and after exchanging lots of messages, we were convinced that a golden doodle from a rigorous breeding program like Chelsea’s, was the right choice for our family. We filled out a detailed application and were on the list for a golden doodle puppy. Chelsea knew we were interested in a dark red, medium size, male puppy and that timing was really important to us with our busy lifestyle with lots of plans for summer hikes. When Chelsea was asked to help rehome one of her 7 month old puppies, she knew she had made a perfect match when she offered him to us. We’ve had Fozzie for just over three weeks now. It has been a seamless transition bringing him into our home. Chelsea reassured us that our puppy was well breed, healthy, and had a wonderful disposition. She was right; Fozzie is a delightful dog who is easy going, seeks to please, and is adorably playful. He’s exactly who we were looking for. Chelsea genuinely cares about her pups and their well being. We are eternally grateful for Chelsea’s puppy match making skills and her expertise with golden doodles!!!! ~Laurie and George Fenderson


Mcdermott Family

Mei Mei

After my Westie passed away at 14 years old, I thought I would wait a few years before getting a new dog, but the void she left in the family was too unbearable. Westies have always been my breed of choice due to their intelligence, friendliness, loyalty, and hypoallergenic coat. However, our past two Westies both had pretty bad digestive issues, so we researched what other breed would be a good fit and found Goldendoodles to be it. After looking for local breeders, we discovered Deladoodles and were instantly drawn to the community Chelsea had built amongst the litter families. She was responsive to every question (and continues to be) and was overall incredibly personable. Our doodle, Mei Mei is absolutely gorgeous and has easily been the perfect fit for our family. She is so smart and a joy to watch play and grow.
Deladoodles is the place to go for your future Goldendoodle. They are a trusting, reputable breeder. Their puppies are raised in a home with constant loving and socialization with children and dogs alike. We are grateful to them for blessing us with the loving doodle girl that we desperately needed.”

hannah goodwin .jpg

Hannah Goodwin

Tucker from Reagan

We've always wanted to add a dog to our family and started fostering puppies in Southeast Alaska. However, due to allergies, we knew we had to adopt a hypoallergenic dog. After some research, we found Dela Doodles and when a little boy pup was available, we knew we had to have him. Before we added him to our family, we were updated with pictures and videos and had all of our questions answered. Tucker is an amazing dog and was already socialized and litter box trained when we picked him up. A huge thank you to Chelsea and her family for raising amazing dogs. We might have to adopt another soon...”

teague and corrine.jpg

Corrine & Teague

Zeppelin from Marley and Rusty

his was our first puppy and first time using a breeder, Coartney Family Doodles was extremely helpful and transparent through the entire process. Not only did they have great communication and keep us up to date with weekly, if not daily, pictures and videos, we were able to visit the puppies as they grew. The puppies were provided with proper socialization and have the sweetest temperaments (in addition to being adorable). We are so happy and love our little Zeppelin! Thank you Coartney Family Doodles!

senoran family.jpg

Senoran Family

Kiwi and Mango

After quite some time, our family was ready for having pets again and we ultimately decided on a puppy. We had our hearts set on a Goldendoodle due to their allergy friendly nature. An opportunity to get one from a breeder out-of-state fell through and we were saddened. We checked locally and found #akdeladoodles on-line. Chelsea was quick to respond and work with us. Being in AK and having good communication was appealing. She and her family also made time and opened up her home which made transitioning to first-time puppy owners very easy. We were so comfortable with #akdeladoodles, instead of one puppy coming home, we decided on having two!!!


Sarah Pate

August from Marley and Cooper

I’ve been looking into goldendoodles for a little over a year now, and I wanted one from Alaska but I was having the hardest time finding a breeder! It wasn’t until I saw a picture of Coconut and started following Dela Doodles and just knew that I needed to get one from Chelsea!! When I first reached out to Chelsea it was like I had known her my entire life, she was personable and so so helpful. Having 2 young nephews, it was extremely important that my puppy was socialized and used to children and so it was like a match made in heaven when I finally found Dela Doodles! Not living in Anchorage, Chelsea still made me feel like I was extremely involved with the daily updates, pictures, and videos! I’m extremely thankful to have found Chelsea and am so excited to get another doodle from one of Coconuts litters one day! I’m excited to continue this journey with August and the rest of the doodle community that Chelsea has created! Thank you for my first baby! 

radoff family.jpg

Radoff Family

Ravioli from Marley and Cooper

My husband and I are recent empty nesters, and decided to fill the void with a Golden Doodle puppy. I was thrilled to find a local breeder who does all the health tests on the parents to help insure healthy puppies. Chelsea kept us updated on Marley and the puppies progress, with pictures and videos, plus we were able to visit the puppies several times. These are well socialized puppies. We have been amazed at how friendly and confident Ravioli is. And he’s already crate trained! Glad to be a part of the Dela Doodle community!”

donovan family.jpg

Donovan Family

Clifford from Marley and Cooper

For 3.5 years we have searched for the perfect goldendoodle breeder that fit our needs. Timing was always wrong for us when litters would come up. February we got orders to Alaska and I started researching breeders in the anchorage area! That’s when I found Chelsea and the DelaDoodles!!! I joined her Facebook group and followed for updates on upcoming litters! Finding a breed that is perfect with people with allergies is hard!!! Chelsea was so quick to respond to any questions we had and was very helpful on making the decision!!! We sent in our application around May hoping she’d think we were a perfect match for her doodles and viola we were and couldn’t have been happier!!! On our way up to Alaska, Chelsea sent us a lot of videos and pictures of the pups and even loved on ours for us after we picked our sweet Clifford!!! Thank you so much Chelsea you are amazing and take care of your doodles so well!!!


Barcelona Family

Curry from Hope and Cooper

We are the Barcelona Family. Prior to having a deladoodle we had lovable labs for 14 years. They were amazing companions. Their only downfall is that you could take their shedded fur and create a life-size model of a small pony. When the labs were gone I started to foster rescue puppies and dogs. It was always bittersweet to see them go. It wasn’t until my last foster, a husky, where I knew without a doubt that my next dog would not shed. 💯 
I learned about Deladoodles from a friend who referred us to Chelsea. I contacted her immediately and let her know what qualities I was looking for. I had a million questions. Chelsea was patient with me the whole step of the way. For two months she was available for my questions and even helped me select a litter. Throughout the entire process I felt supported. Deladoodles also connects the puppy families in a chat group so we can all learn, grow, and be excited for our puppies together. She creates a network of people who provide cheer and support for one another. And because of her family-oriented model the puppies are socialized and exposed to children, sounds, and other stimuli. I can go on and on about the benefits of Deladoodles but really the best part of it all was that through video and photos, I was able to fall in love with my puppy long before she even came home to us.
And when I got her home... I can’t even explain the feeling. It was like our puppy was handpicked for our family. Her unbelievable sweetness, her playfulness, and her unmatched incredible fluffiness just immediately seemed to belong in our home from that very first night.
Chelsea and family, I want to thank you sincerely. She is perfect.
P.S. I’d never heard of litter box training puppies before. This BLEW MY MIND. I set up our litterbox feeling pretty skeptical and OMG you were not kidding. Our girl hops up there to do her business and comes back out to play!! In all honesty, we do have some accidents at home but they have been minimal. So either my dog is smarter than everyone else’s – or you guys really did a fantastic job introducing the litter box at a young age. #sograteful #nowetspots


Maria Castillones

Griz from Nala and Gizmo

 I found Chelsea and her family of doodles while i was still stationed in Turkey and made the crazy decision of buying a dog because i wanted a fresh start as soon as i got to Alaska. Chelsea and her guardian Becki made this process just like how i pictured it, it was awesome from the time they called me all the way in Turkey to let me know my puppy was born until the day i picked him up to take him home. Even now, they provide me endless support through the puppy days. Grizzly Bear and I are so thankful for bringing this little family together!”

nold family.jpg

Nold Family

Oakley from Marley and Cooper

I had been looking for the perfect Doodle breeder for quite sometime. I have three small children so I had quite the laundry list of expectations. Dela Doodles exceeded every single one of those expectations. These puppies are raised in a kid friendly home from the very beginning and are given so much love.  Chelsea and her family care about each and every puppy as it’s their own. 
Chelsea explains everything step by step. She keeps you involved in the entire unedited process and the support only gets better after your pup is home. She answers every single questions or concern around the clock. Oakley is the perfect puppy for our family. Thank you Dela Doodles!


Touchton family

Oakley from Marley and Cooper

I had been searching for a breeder for almost a year in hopes to find my forever doodle but nothing had felt right until I came across Dela Doodles! This whole experience has been so exciting and enjoyable, Chelsea really makes you feel apart of everything along the way. I would 100% recommended Dela Doodles to everyone. She’s really is the best! What’s so unique and special in particular about this is that you then are welcomed into the Dela Doodle community which I think is an amazing way to connect with other doodle families and talk about all things golden doodle in the group chats. Keeping the doodles connected is something not a lot of people get to do which is probably one of my favorite things about this experience! I could not be happier! Thank you

angie .jpg

Baklanov Family

Garbonzo from Coconut and Cooper

I searched for a good, reputable breeder who would work with Josh and I to find our perfect hypoallergenic puppy and I am happy to report that I was able to do so with Dela Doodles! Chelsea checked off all the boxes I didn’t even know I had. She vets through her applicants to ensure the puppies go to good homes, showing that she takes these puppies’ lives and their ability to thrive in their new homes seriously. She takes the time to answer your questions and make suggestions about which litters would be the best fit for you. She is upfront about all health/genetic testing. She is serious about keeping the pups up to date with deworming and vaccines. Her website (and Instagram!) was helpful in seeing how past litters turned out, along with other puppy information. A contract is required, ensuring that proper care is taken of the pup. The pups are raised in a family home full of everyday household noises and the love of Chelsea’s kids! Chelsea keeps you involved from pregnancy to birth to the time your pup comes home and it extends from there as well. We got to see mama Coconut’s ultrasound scans and were updated on her pregnancy and birthing process. As soon as the puppies came, getting photo and video updates and watching the live cam quickly became the highlight of our day. Then we had puppy visit days which made my day each time! Chelsea focuses on creating a big family/community for all the puppy families and that turned out to be incredibly helpful. We are still active in our specific litter group chat as we maneuver through puppyhood and share stories/advice. It is so nice to have people to turn to and share the experience with! And the larger Dela Doodle group has been a fantastic resource for advice/support from people who have already been through the process. As for our pup Garbanzo - he is smart, sweet, and so playful! We are grateful to have him and owe his healthy start to life to Chelsea and her family. We highly recommend Dela Doodles to anyone looking for their perfect pup!


Egeland Family

Finnley from Stella and Trigger

We had a very positive experience with Chelsea and her family at Dela Doodles. It had been several years since the passing of our last dog and, ever since, we had just felt a huge void. We were more than ready to begin this new chapter with our two young children. Feeling like first time fur-baby parents again, we wanted to choose not only a reputable breeder, but also one that would make this a positive experience for all of us. Chelsea made the process easy and yet very thorough so that we felt as comfortable and informed as possible. We could tell right from the start that we were working with a trusted breeder. Chelsea works from her heart! She truly has a passion and love for her pups. She also values the long term relationships with the families she works with. She has guided us every step of the way with continuous online resources as well as being readily available with questions. She is very patient and prompt! What we appreciate most about Dela Doodles is the way they made us feel like family. We couldn’t be happier with our adorable little Finn. He has already added so much joy in just the few short hours he's been with us. Thank you Dela Doodles


Stefanski Family

Finnley from Ellie and Cooper

Meet Finnley!!
We could not be more thrilled with our Finn.  I wasn’t really planning on getting a a dog let alone a new puppy!  However I knew if I ever did, it would be a Golden Doodle!  Our daughter has a mini golden doodle that we fell in love with and that doodle personality 🤩🥰🤩. Our daughter was always sending me photos of doodle puppies she would see in FB groups.  I would admire them but never acted on her suggestion until she sent me the photo of a beautiful red doodle from Dela Doodles. For whatever reason 🤷‍♀️this red pup was the last pick from her litter 😔. I surprised myself AND my daughter, and sent in an application to Chelsea and Dela Doodles thinking there would and should be a lot of competition for this beautiful red doodle pup.  I never expected to be the “one” that Chelsea would choose as the right family for her grand doodle “pink girl”!  I was surprised when Chelsea contacted me!! When we made an appt to meet “pink girl” at their home we could tell they love their doodles!  “Pink girl” planted a
Big sloppy kiss on my cheek when I held her for the first time at 5 weeks old.  I couldn’t have been happier that she was the last pick and I didn’t have to decide between her and her beautiful siblings.  Since our first meeting Chelsea kept me informed with photos and videos via text as well  the Ellie and Cooper’s Summer Litter messenger group.  It was so nice and helpful to see how quickly the puppies grew and to see the different personalities.  We were out of town when Finnley’s siblings went to their new families and Chelsea was able to keep Finn for us until we returned 10 days later.  Finnley has been just perfect!!!  She is so smart, sleeps through the night, doing excellent with potty training and simple commands already. I would highly recommend Chelsea and Dela Doodles. Even though she was a “last pick”....nothing’s wrong with our Finn...we have her now for the WIN!!!!

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