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Lightly Seeking Guardians For



Coco Bean 

Breed: Female Cavapoo

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Color: Chocolate

Coat: Wavy Non Shedding Teddy Bear Coat

Full grown weight est- 15-20lbs

Guardian Deposit Applies




Breed: Mini Bernedoodle

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Color: Tricolor Chocolate Merle

Coat: Wavy Non Shedding Teddy Bear Coat

Full grown weight est- 30-40lbs

Guardian Deposit Applies


Guardian Program

Be apart of our family

In order for us to give our dogs the best possible home, we have to limit the amount of dogs we keep in our home. We believe every dog needs a family they can call their own and unfortunately we don't have enough laps in our home.

 We are not a kennel breeder, because kennel raised dogs don't get the socialization and stimulation to be a well balanced happy dog. We raise Family oriented social dogs. 

A guardian home is not a foster home. It is a forever home for you and one of our carefully selected puppies. Once the Guardian Dog passes extensive health testing they will become part of our breeding program and remain in your care until shortly before the litter is due. They will remain with us until the litter is weaned and then returned to your care. While in our care, you are welcome to come over anytime to help whelp puppies and engage with the other puppy families. It's a fun and fulfilling experience. We are a home away from home for our guardians dogs. They know us, love us, and trust us. They have fun here and are treated as our personal family pets while here for whelping and raising pups. 

Having open, happy relationships with our guardians is important to us!



 Our guardian homes are very carefully chosen. Here is a list of some simple terms and expectations required to become a guardian home for a Dela Doodle.


  • Live in Anchorage, Alaska or surrounding area. Male guardians must be in Anchorage, female guardians may be located in the valley per approval.

  • Must be willing to sign and notarize Guardian Program Contract

  • Be able to provide a safe, clean, loving forever home.

  • Must have a fenced in yard

  • Previous dog experience is a plus.

  • Must not own or allow access to any intact dogs of the opposite sex.

  • Must be able to afford high quality approved dog food, regular grooming every 6-8 weeks, regular vet checkups, vaccinations as well as flea/tick & parasite control and deworming.

  • Be willing and able to socialize your puppy.

  • Must sign a contract to keep your puppy on a leash during heat cycles (15-21 days every 6 months for females) until breeding contract is over.

  • If you are a Guardian Family of one of our male dogs, we will need to bring the male dog to our home for brief engagements.​

  • Guardian dog must be housebroken by the age of 9 months. 

  • Provide adequae excercise daily

  • Provide regular/monthly picture/video updates to the breeder

  • Must be able to provide basic command training 

  • Must be willing to work with our Board Certified Dela Doodle Vet 

  • Notify breeder in the event of any absences or vacations out of the area in advance and said dog must be place with Dela Doodles or approved friend/family member while absent.

  • Contact breeder immediately in the event of serious illness or accident, including severe diarrhea, loss of appetite, excessive vommiting etc. Emergencies are to be discussed with breeder immediately and a text message is to be sent with the information, including a consent from breeder for files if breeder is not present.

  • Send copy of all vet visits and vaccinations/medications (including dewormer/flea and tick)to breeder upon regular scheduled vet visits 

  • Agrees to keep said dog away from floor or ground of public areas such as, pet stores, dog parks, parks, groomer, and vet office floors until all vaccinations are complete (approximately 16 weeks) This is to prevent parvo and deadly puppy diseases.

  • Keep said dog well socialized with other dogs and people of all ages.

  • Inform breeder at first sign of heat.

  • Allow breeder to use any/all photos of family with said dog for advertisement purposes.

  • If raising litters, be able to take video and photos once a week, on the same day, every week, for 8 weeks (ask breeder about raising guardian dog litter information if this is something you are interested in)

Guardian Deposit will apply, repayment details:

Female: Payment of $500.00 after a successful litter  of 4+ puppies are sold and sent home.

A female will be contracted to 4 litters then retired with the option of keeping a puppy from the 4th and last litter.

Male: Payment of $500.00 after a successful litter  of 4+ puppies are sold and sent home.

Male guardians must coordinate and be willing to assist with "honeymoons." 3 ties "dates" are required to ensure a successful pregnancy. 

These are brief engagements 3 days in a row once the female is ovulating. 

 If you are interested in being a Guardian Family please DO NOT contact us if you are just interested in getting a "lower-priced" puppy,

Guardian Families have more responsibilities than the average dog owner. Our guardian pups are held to a higher standard. 

Dela Doodles retains the right to refuse anyone interested in this program that we do not feel is a good match for a dog or the program. 

Contact us today or text 907-317-8613

words from our guardian families

It started with a picture and a post on the Deladoodle Facebook page saying a goldendoodle needed a Guardian Home. We didn’t know what that meant, but we fell in love with the young dog within moments of meeting him. His name is Cooper and he’s become a member of our family. We got him when he was about 6 months old.

Chelsea has been a great support! She’s always there if you have a question or concern. Part of being a guardian is being available occasionally during breeding times. We were asked to bring Cooper over to Chelsea’s house for some ‘romantic interludes’ with one of her females. And of course, Chelsea makes it easy and fun.

It has been an eye opener to learn about dog breeding. Wow! We had no idea all that is involved.  Thank goodness people like Chelsea are willing to take on all the work and we as doodle families receive all the benefits!

Other than a rendezvous now and again, Cooper is our dog and we can’t imagine our lives without him. We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Dela Doodle family. - Julie & Debbie Benson (Cooper and Hiccups moms)

debbie .jpg
evie 2.jpg

The Canales Family Review BEFORE their first litter of grandoodles were born:


My husband David and I have been guardian parents to our puppy Evie for 7 months now.  When we first got connected with Chelsea, I had never even heard of a “guardian family” before, but after spending time with Chelsea and hearing her vision for this community, my husband and I knew this would be a really good fit. 

Chelsea talked about creating a  “community” and a “family” of doodle and poodle owners, and we knew we wanted to be a part of it!  Chelsea assured us that Evie would truly be our dog and to think of them as another family that loved Evie as much as we do.  This has been so true every step of the way!  She was a phenomenal resource as we learned how to be puppy parents to Evie, and was always so excited to see photos from all of our adventures with her.  Chelsea is certainly Evie’s biggest fan :)  Evie is still too young to breed, but we are looking forward to that next stage in having a guardian dog and meeting our little grand doodles some day! 


-Julie and David Canales

Doodle family.

The Canale's Family Review AFTER their 3rd litter was born

My husband David, and I, are guardian parents to Evie.  We can’t imagine our lives without her!  Our experience as a guardian family for Dela Doodles has been so incredibly positive.  As with every Dela Doodle dog, you get not just the dog, but a community of other doodle owners to share pictures, ask advice and stay in touch with litter mates.  What is unique about being a guardian parent is that you get grandoodles! Being a part of the whole process with the families is so incredibly rewarding.  Take home day is the best, as the families get to meet their puppy for the very first or second time.  It’s absolute magic! Just try to not cry, I dare you! We also especially love being a part of the group chats for each litter to stay connected with the families and see pictures of all the grandoodles as they grow up.  Chelsea will be your biggest resource and advocate! She has bent over backwards for us so many times to minimize any inconvenience.  We are so thankful to play just a small part in the Dela


"We are the Barcelona Family. Prior to having a deladoodle we had lovable labs for 14 years. They were amazing companions. Their only downfall is that you could take their shedded fur and create a life-size model of a small pony. When the labs were gone I started to foster rescue puppies and dogs. It was always bittersweet to see them go. It wasn’t until my last foster, a husky, where I knew without a doubt that my next dog would not shed. 💯 
I learned about Deladoodles from a friend who referred us to Chelsea. I contacted her immediately and let her know what qualities I was looking for. I had a million questions. Chelsea was patient with me the whole step of the way. For two months she was available for my questions and even helped me select a litter. Throughout the entire process I felt supported. Deladoodles also connects the puppy families in a chat group so we can all learn, grow, and be excited for our puppies together. She creates a network of people who provide cheer and support for one another. And because of her family-oriented model the puppies are socialized and exposed to children, sounds, and other stimuli. I can go on and on about the benefits of Deladoodles but really the best part of it all was that through video and photos, I was able to fall in love with my puppy long before she even came home to us.
And when I got her home... I can’t even explain the feeling. It was like our puppy was handpicked for our family. Her unbelievable sweetness, her playfulness, and her unmatched incredible fluffiness just immediately seemed to belong in our home from that very first night.
Chelsea and family, I want to thank you sincerely. She is perfect.
P.S. I’d never heard of litter box training puppies before. This BLEW MY MIND. I set up our litterbox feeling pretty skeptical and OMG you were not kidding. Our girl hops up there to do her business and comes back out to play!! In all honesty, we do have some accidents at home but they have been minimal. So either my dog is smarter than everyone else’s – or you guys really did a fantastic job introducing the litter box at a young age"

bethany and cupcake.jpg

My name is Bethany Irick & my family and I are the family to the wonderful cupcake! She is a guardian dog for dela doodles and we honestly couldn’t be more excited still about our decision to do this! Chelsea is beyond amazing and helpful, I have tons of questions and she always is there to guide me through whatever I need! Cupcake is 6 months so we haven’t had a litter yet but when the time comes I couldn’t be more certain that Chelsea will take care of our baby and her babies! We decided to do the guardian route after Chelsea explained it to me, it just clicked that this would be a perfect opportunity to learn from this experience and be imbedded into the dela doodle family. That’s what dela doodle is all about, community! We looked for so long for the perfect match for our family and Chelsea made it clear to me that dela doodles was that match for us! Cupcake couldn’t be more perfect for our family & oh my gosh how cute she is; everyone stops to talk about her! It’s been a beautiful experience thus far and we can’t wait to continue on this guardian life journey with Chelsea

My family and I had wanted a dog to join our family for awhile now. I had joined the dela doodle page a couple months prior and although tempting held off from getting a puppy. Then while
Scrolling on Facebook I saw chesney (formally Pawblo). Chelsea was looking for a guardian family, I was so in love. He was our family’s dream dog! His coloring was a gorgeous, he looked like a giant teddy bear! 
For us the process went quick but so perfectly! We qualified to be a guardian family and within a couple hours we had chesney with us 💗
It really was one of the best decisions we made. Chesney has a amazing temperament and is so amazing with my son. He is also a cuddle bug!
Being a guardian family isn’t just about getting your pup, it really is a community of fellow doodle lovers. Everyone is so willing to help each other and give advice for anything or everything you may need! Chelsea especially makes the whole process and “ doggy  encounters” so easy and informative! We really have learned so much about the process of what it takes to create these perfect little doodles . If the opportunity arises I would Highly recommend being a guardian family. It really has been a amazing experience and one we wouldn’t trade for anything. Thank you Chelsea for making this all possible! We love our dela doodle. ❤️

chesney family.jpg
mejia family.jpeg

Hi, I’m Jenna Mejia and my family and I are the Guardian family to Noodle (recently retired) and Jewels. Noodle is an amazing and sweet girl with lots of playful energy and a silliness that’s impossible not to love. I wasn’t in the picture for her births because I came on the scene for her later in her life, but I’m blessed to know several of her puppies, a couple of whom are future Dela Doodle parents so I’m glad her legacy will live on in them! I met Chelsea ‘dog curious’ having never owned one, and talking to Chelsea about having dogs, raising dogs and whelping dogs convinced me I could do it. Honestly the whole conversation (still ongoing) feels like finally coming home. I started out hoping I could get a trained older dog (hello Noodle) because I didn’t know if I could train one well. But now I love being a dog mom, I love being a guardian. I’m so excited to watch my girl Jewels (who we got at about 3 1/2 months due to a loophole with fate) become a mom and to share it all with the Dela Doodle family. I am even looking into the possibility of a third pup so my family can have the experience of watching the live camera for 8 weeks waiting to bring home the baby! If you are considering being a Guardian, the only thing you have to be afraid of is the burning desire to take home ALL of these beautiful pups who are trained and truly cherished right from the start. Chelsea, thank you for taking us in and letting us be part of the family!

Meet The Guardians


Elmore Family Soy Sauces Family


Melissa Sanders 
Spaghetti, Meatball, Bowzer & Sabines mom

stephanie .jpeg

Stephanie Rivera
Bristol & Bali Beans's mom


Meg & Trip
Ramen's Parents

aaliyah and ketchup.jpeg

Ketchup's sister


Lucy Lu & Teriyaki's Mom


Willow & Jetta's Mom


Penny's Mom


Jill Black 
Willow's Mom


French Toast's Mom


Theo's Mom


Mei Mei & Mochi's Mom

spoticus family.jpeg

Spoticus's Family


Farr Family 
Sadie Gravy's Family
Pending Picture


Boba's Mom

geni .jpeg

Geni Decker
Walkers mom


Mocha's Mom


Opelias Mom


Leroy's Mom


Arlo's Mom

  • Do you offer financing for your puppies?
    We do not offer financing but some families have financed their pups through the paypal credit website. It's interest free for 6 months and has worked smoothly for them.
  • Why are your puppies so expensive?
    Alot goes into producing a well-bred goldendoodle. From a reputable breeder you can expect to pay between $2500-$3500 for a goldendoodle and between $4000-$6000 for well bred Bernedoodles. Prices are influenced by factors such as the quality of the parents, health testing, vet care, breeding practices, and puppy culture. Some people don't care about health testing and just want the cheapest dog deal they can find. I urge you to ask your potential breeder about their breeding practices. Ask to see the health testing results, how the puppies will be raised, what comes with your puppies, and some reviews and referrals from previous families. In Alaska "in-breeding" has become an issue that can cause serious health issues to your puppies. Here at Dela Doodles we offer health guarentees. We are confident in our health testing that if something should happen to your pup we will provide you another puppy. Ask your breeder if they offer the same guarentees. From start to finish a licensed vet is apart of the process monitoring the pregnancy, the puppies, and the aftercare of our pups. Getting a Dela Doodle carries some weight in Alaska. We also offer a community. All of our puppy families chat daily and offer support.
  • How do I get a Dela Doodle?
    If you want to be put on a waitlist for a future litter, please submit the completed application below for us to review. We will respond within 2 business days via text or FB messege with any questions as well or instructions for the next step once your application is approved placing a deposit of $1500. This deposit ensures you a spot on the waiting list. The deposit is due within 24 hours from approval of application. The order of picking a puppy is based on when the deposit is recieved. The fee is deducted from the price of your pup. You will be able to pick out your puppy in order of deposits received. You will have 24 hours to pick your puppy once it your turn. General litter sizes are 7-10 pups and gestation is 60-65 days. **Deposits are non refundable, we will gladly transfer you up to a future litter for up to 2 years. The balance is due in full by the time your pup is 6 weeks old or 2 weeks prior to bringing home your pup. If you are unable to pick up your puppy when its 8 weeks old there is $30 per day charge that will apply. *breeder has the right to reserve pick of the litter.
  • Do you ship?
    On certain occasions we will ship a puppy, only after meeting families in person if you are within Alaska. Otherwise, sorry we do not.
  • Can I visit my pup?
    It is unfortunate in our world today there are so many dangers to allowing strangers in your home. Breeding dogs and selling what I consider to be my grand babies is a different kind of business I am aware of. I want to give people the opportunity to get to know us and see what we are about. I'm proud of the love and care that I show my dogs. We will do our best to show pups but we have several factors to consider. -Health concerns for the puppies -Puppy theft has become a real problem recently -We are a real family with a real life. We had 4 small kiddos which means homework, dinner, and family time. -These puppies are not ours to risk. They belong to families that are taking them home. Each family will be given a special code to our puppy cam to watch their puppy. please allow for some flexibility with off hours for our family. Be sure to add our IG @akdeladoodles and our FB group to see daily videos and updates of the pups. We post live videos and stories plenty of times throughtout the day. For families with puppies, we try to be as flexible as we can. **Due to covid we are limiting traffic into our home.
  • Do you health test your dogs?
    Yes. We do 3 different types of tests. Genetic heatlth tests, OFA hip xrays, and sometimes color/coat testing. All our dogs have passed these tests.
  • Do you allow breeding rights?
    No. Sorry we do not. All our puppies have a strict spay and neuter contract. No exceptions. Legal action will be taken if contract is breached.
  • Do doodles shed?
    Goldendoodles have a low to non shedding coat. While the degree of shedding varies from dog to dog, goldendoodles exhibit less shedding than other dogs. Breeders loosely throw out the term "hypoallergenic." There is a way to test for a dogs coat for the shedding gene. If you are severly allergic I suggest not getting a dog. If you are mildly allergic ask me which litter would be the best for your families needs.
  • What are the grooming needs of a doodle?
    I groom my dogs every 2-3 months with occasional baths in between. Brushing daily is a must! Ask us who we use as a local groomer :)
  • When can I run with my dog?
    First off, please do not run start running with any puppy until she is NOT a puppy anymore. Over-excercise increases risk for problems in their hips and joints and injury to growth plates. You wouldnt expect to run a marathon with a baby/toddler so please don't do this to your puppy.
  • Are doodles good with children?
    Doodles are affectionate, loving dogs that get along with everyone. We have small children in our home so your puppy will for sure be use to children gently holding them, caring for them, and all the noises of them arguing hehe :) We have a specific Dela Doodles & Kids tab. See for yourself.
  • What is a puppy deposit?
    Putting down a puppy deposit ensures you a spot on our waitlist for a certain litter. We breed with the intent to keep all the puppies if we can't find them healthy happy homes. Doodles and Poodles are expensive dogs to maintain. Putting down a deposit shows us how serious a family is about obtaining and caring for our grandoodles.
guardian baskets.jpg

I just wanted to take a minute and recognize my guardian Families. ❤️ Dela Doodles has grown so much this year and I wanted to thank you for choosing the option to be apart of our growing family. 
We understand it is your love, training, and hard work that names this all possible.
We appreciate your flexibility and cooperation when dealing with Mother Nature and the beast of producing healthy puppies. We know it can be challenging sometimes but we really appreciate you. 
Thank you for staying on top of their grooming and vet care, thank you for all the social media support and regular updated posts, thank you for all the awkward breeding related pictures, but most importantly thank you for the constant communication and support for our family program. You have all become family to me, and together we are creating life🌸 
You are apart of something amazing that brings families together❤️ 
“Happy Healthy Dogs, make Happy Healthy Puppies.” 


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