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the mama doodles


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Bean Dip is our rare chocolate mini goldendoodle. She has the most fun personality and loves to play with my children. She is my baby and really only loves me, 

Mochi is a medium size goldendoodle. She has a spunky personality and lives with her sister Mei Mei and her guardian family the McDermotts. 

Popsicle is Cupcakes daughter and has the most gorgeous tuxedo white markings. Popsicle has a fun spunky personality.

Cupcake is one of our grandoodles from Coconut and Coopers litter. She is such a sweet loving dog just like her mom and dad. Cupcake lives with her guardian family the Iricks.

Curry is a mini red goldendoodle. She is Coopers daughter and has a beautiful dark coat. She lives with her guardian family the Barcelonas.


Not pictured: Bristol, Nori, Boba, Willow

Spoon is a red and white parti goldendoodle. She is Baileys daughter and has the most sweet spunky temperament. She LOVES my kids and lives with her guardian family the Brownings. 

You're probably wondering how we have so many doodles?


In order for us to give our dogs the best possible home, we have to limit the amount of dogs we keep in our home. We believe every dog needs a family they can call their own and unfortunately we don't have enough laps in our home.

 We are not a kennel breeder, because kennel raised dogs don't get the socialization and stimulation to be a well balanced happy healthy dog. We raise Family oriented social dogs. 

A guardian home is not a foster home. It is a forever home. Once the Guardian Dog passes extensive health testing they will become part of our breeding program and remain in our care until shortly before the litter is due. They will remain with us until the litter is weaned and then returned to their guardian family. Depending on a guardian families involvement, some approved guardians will birth and whelp pups in their home to encourage an easy and smooth delivery.



Miss Ramen Doodle-Tricolor Mini Bernedoodle 30 lbs 

I have to keep my eye on this girl. Everyone wants her in my doodle family and all my guardians! She is the sweetest and melts your heart with a little sass! Miss Ramen is fully health tested with all OFA clearances and lives with me. 


Butter has the sweetest personality. Of her siblings she was the easiest and quickest to train LOL. She lives with her guardian family the Rivera's. and her Doodle sisters Bella and Bailey

Oreo is a standard bernedoodle and the biggest cuddle bear. She lives with her guardian family the Silas.

Peanut is a tricolor micro mini bernedoodle. She has SO MUCH SASS. Mostly because she's so spoiled. Peanut has perfect genetics. both parents OFA cleared 



Sesame is the 2nd smallest pup in our program. She is a mini poodle and spends most of her day trying to tame Soy Sauce. She is such a sweet girl. She is a gorgeous brown merle and loves to cuddle with my kids. Sesame is so good with my younger kids. 


Soy Sauce is the smallest pup in our entire program. She has a small body but a HUGE personality. She is the sassiest little pup and doesn't let anyone cross her. She is a hoot to watch! Soy Sauce is a tricolor merle toy poodle. She is less than 10lbs. We call her a fun-size! 

Goldendoodle and bernedoodle mix

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Sakla is a beautiful chocolate tuxedo standard doodle and has the sweetest personality. She LOVES her humans and is one of the sweetest moms. 

Meatball is from Noodle and Doc. She is the sweetest spunky girl and lives with the Sanders family along with her brother Spaghetti. Meatball lets no hand free. She wants to be petted and cuddled with 24/7. 

Winnie is from Kava Bean and Doc. She is from Bean's line and the most gorgeous unique silver doodle. She is a mini mountaindoodle 20lbs. She lives with her guardians the James family.


Willow is ..... Perfection! Her mom is Evie and her dad is Mickey. Who are both now retired which means Willow has the huge task of carrying on her parents and grandparents legacy for Dela Doodles. Willow is a GORGEOUS parti merle. She carries all the colors and has the sweetest temperment. She lives with her Guardian Family the Wilson's and her auntie Jetta who is also a decendant from Marley. She is 45lbs

Barley (Meatball & Sully's daughter) - Description coming soon**

Daddy doodles and poodles

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Cooper is a dark red mini goldendoodle with a white marking on his chest. He is an F1B.

Cooper is genetically tested through Pawprint genetics.

Cooper is living with his Guardian moms

Debbie, Julie and his big doodle brother Beau

Doctor Pepper "Doc" is an F2 mini tricolor merle bernedoodle. Doc is genetically tested through pawprint genetics and carries the most unique tricolor markings. Doc is the newest addition to the Dela Doodle family and lives with his owners the Phillips Family.

Sir Hiccup our newest addition to the Dela Doodle stud line and has the key to my heart! Hiccup is Bacon's little brother and is a parti colored mini AKC registered poodle. He is health cleared by parentage and has the sweetest temperament. He's just the right amount of sass and spice we love! Sir Hiccup lives with his guardian family debbie and julie and his brother Cooper

Diego is our tricolor mini bernedoodle. He is the most mellow laid back boy in our whole program and Stud family. -He has already passed all his genetic health testing and is now growing until he is ready to stud.- Diego lives with my family.


Spaghetti is a mini bernedoodle from Doc and Noodle. He has his dads gorgeous doodle merle coloring and his moms spunky doodle personality. Spaghetti lives with his Guardian mom Melissa.


Theo is a mini merle bernedoodle from Butter and Doc's litter. He lives with her guardian mom Jenah and is so spoiled.

He is FF kyky atat. He is 36lbs


Pickle Juice is the sweetest mini poodle. There is not 1 person he doesnt love immediately. As soon as you hold him, he trusts you with his whole being and falls asleep in your neck. Pickle juice lives with us. He is so easy going and loves to be cuddled.

he is genetic tested for diseases and color/coat. He is an AKC registered moyen poodle and 20lbs. He lives with his guardian the Fendersons. He also has his own IG, feel free to follow him at @the_irresistable_pickles


Lucky is a micro mini bernedoodle from Peanut and Hiccups line. He lives with his family the Tutaan's. He is very spoiled.


Meet French Toast

He's a chocolate tricolor mini poodle and melts your heart with his sweet and cuddly personality. 

Retired family breeding dogs


Marley is a medium sized goldendoodle. She is 38lbs and the sweetest most loving family dog. 

OFA hip health tested

 and genetic testing done through pawprint genetics.

Marley produced apricot, cream, and red colored pups. She is now retired and living with us.


Coconut is a mini red goldendoodle and is 26lbs. Coconut has alot of personality. She is such a cuddle bear who follows me to the bathroom and tries to jump in the shower with me. Coconut is health tested through pawprint genetics and is now retired.


Dusty is a AKC Standard poodle with Phantom (silver/grey), Sable (brown), and parti genes. He is a sweet disciplined dog. We fell in love immediately.

Dusty is AKC registered with an strong pedigree.

He is 45 lbs but stands about the same height as Marley. Dusty lives with his guardian home and is said to be one of the most well trained and best tempered dogs.

Dusty passed his genetic testing, OFA hips-good, and is AKC registered. 

He is available to stud for your approved future litters. 

Ellie is an AKC registered small standard poodle. She is THE SWEETEST most well tempered dog i've ever met. Ellie is always concerned about you. She is glued to my side. She weighs about 42lbs

Ellie is genetically tested, and OFA tested. She produces dark red beautiful healthy puppies

bacon bow tie_edited.jpg

Bacon is a parti colored mini AKC registered poodle. He is health cleared by parentage and the sweetest little guy. Bacon's is genetically health tested through pawprint genetics. Bacon lives with his guardian mom and is now retired.


Cookie is our mini merle bernedoodle. We almost named her Happy. She has the most fun easy going always happy personality. Cookie lives with her family the Calhouns.

Bailey alaska.jpg

Pancake is one of our grandoodles from Coconut. She is a mini goldendoodle with such a fun personality. She lives with her guardian family the Messers.

Bailey is a medium parti colored health tested goldendoodle and extremely spoiled. She lives with her family the Riveras and her doodle sister Bella.

Khaleesi is a silver parti poodle weighing at 51lbs. Khaleesi is an adventurous but loving girl. Leesi lives with my mom and her sister Bailey. She is so spoiled.

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Gizmo is a health tested and cleared by parentage standard parti goldendoodle and Miss Mango's brother. He throws gorgeous parti and red abstract puppies


Temperance is a registered AKC phantom poodle from our very own first poodle litter from Ellie and Dusty. Tempe lives with her Guardian Mom Genele R. 

Mei Mei is one of our grandoodles from Coconuts litter. She is a beautiful phantom mini goldendoodle. She lives with her family the Mcdermotts. 

Zoe is an AKC registered standard poodle. She is genetically tested through embark and weighs 46lbs. She has the sweetest temperament. She lives with her family the pasternaks and her poodle sister Stella Dela!


Miss Nala is Marleys pup. She is cleared by parentage and loves her humans so much. 

Nala lives with her guardian family the Golightlys

Evie is a beautiful unique Silver/Grey Goldendoodle and one of Marley's pups. Evie has an amazing guardian family and goes on a ton of Alaskan Adventures. She lives with her Guardian parents Julie & David. 


Miss Noodle is Marley and Coopers daughter. She is beautiful and has a spunky attitude. She lives with her guardian family the Mejias.  She is our grandoodle from Marley and Cooper and so spoiled!!

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Bailey is a registered parti colored poodle from a champion bloodline. Bailey weighs 40 lbs and is such a cuddler. She has the softest coat and loves playing with my kids.

Ginger is a gorgeous dark red tuxedo goldendoodle from Bailey and Cooper. She is such a girly girl and her mom loves to dress her up like a princess. Ginger lives with her guardian family The Robinsons

Chesney is an AKC registered small standard chocolate poodle. He is genetically cleared through pawprint genetics and cleared by parentage. Chesney carries brown, parti, and tricolor. Chesney is available to approved females for studding. 

Chesney lives with his guardian family the Armours. 

Jelly is our mini tricolor merle Bernedoodle. She is a ball of fun and such a sweet girl! She lives with her guardian family the Roberts.


Captain Sully is a 58lb health tested fully furnished standard goldendoodle. Sully is an F1b goldendoodle and lives with his Guardian family the Brennans. 


Mickey is the newest addition the Dela Doodle stud family! He lives with his guardian family The Meadows. He is a 62lb Parti Merle Bernedoodle and carries everything! at/at, kb/ky/ brown carrier, red carrier.

Mickey is genetically tested through pawprint genetics.